Quick Hi !

Hey fellow bloggers.

My work schedule is solid, and I am a bit lost.

I have been thinking a lot about my career which has somehow become monotonous. Sigh!! I have planned to upgrade myself and so finding it hard to keep up writing here. If at all I get time to write, an hour or so is really really less for a naive writer like me ,to decide on topic and write on it. I hate it this way!!

But I am here daily and read blogs, like air you know… always there, but cannot be seen. 😛

Back of my mind, I have this story. I made it up , got to write it down and attempt at story telling. (I wish I could go anonymous for this)  🙂

And then, I am planning to go for a short vacation to Coorg, last week of this month. Need to pick myself up, reset and revive.For those who do not know this place, Coorg is known as “The Scotland of India,”  and is around 260 kms from Bangalore.

Have any of you ever been there? Let me know any suggestions you have. 🙂