Is Forgiving easy?

So, while scrolling down my Facebook feed , I saw a familiar face on the suggestion list. I clicked on the picture and landed on the profile. I knew that smile, I had seen it before, but almost forgotten. She had got married, and was happy I guessed from the pictures. I had known her for two long years before it ended, before I could no more drag our friendship. We were close,inseparable but sudden series of events had made friendship a burden ,full of lies and sour. I accepted apologies but it was never like before. Sometimes, sorry is not enough.

Gradually, we parted our ways, and never tried to contact each other. Its been over 7 years now.All these years, I heard about her through some mutual friends. She might too have known about me, I suppose.

Today, when I saw her again, my heart filled with odd feeling. It hurt thinking how someone so close could be a complete stranger one day. I think about all the people who had been once dear to me, but no more. Apparently, I have many. I had offended few, some had pained me but everyone had moved on in their lives.

I am sure all of us have at least one such person in life. Someone very dear to us, but everything changed with time, with bad circumstances everything ruined. Some sweet relations turned bitter. And we could not forgive each other.

I know all that philosophy of forgiving. I know how pleasant it would be to simply forgive and forget. But easier said than done. I don’t know how that feels like. I don’t know how to forgive and never remember how someone was so mean to us, and behave like nothing ever happened. And if I do forgive, how do I assure not to get hurt again. For me, this act of forgiving is an art and that not everyone can learn a particular art. Or can we?

I am sure some people can answer my dilemma and I am sure some people are already masters of this art.

What are your views on this? Would love to know.