A considerate Atheist.

It has been more than a decade of disbelieving in God. My mind rejects the idea of believing in somebody who would just listen to our prayers and make things work or that everything goes the way God wants them to be. I just could not devout myself.

My family follows Hindu religion but I am blessed that I never knew the difference in religions until I grew up, and learnt on my own. I was never made to pray, attend temples except for few occasions like saying a small prayer before exams or festivals. I attended a Christian school, and for a very long time, I had believed that Jesus is the super god of all the other gods.Possibly Prophet Mohammed was a brother of Lord Shiva, and why not we have so many Gods in Hindu religion. Innocent mind, never understood different Gods and religion.

I started to read books and articles on different religions and that made my doubts even stronger. I got my answers about occurrence of phenomenon from science that I studied at school.Eventually, I lost my religious apathy during adolescence.By now, I would openly argue with anyone who gave me religious preaching. In fact, I even tried to convince my parents and presented the logic,proofs and scientific reasons. They dismissed it, of course. But to my surprise, my younger sibling had similar views on God as me( one of the few topics we mutually agree  ). And now there were two rebellious kids in the family. Our parents tried to educate us on religion but in vain, later gave up. From now they only guided us to differentiate on what was righteous and not, and let us choose our ways of living. They only expected us to be honest,humble and compassionate with others.In turn, we were thoughtful enough not to indicate faults in their faith.

We have grown up now, and during their visits if my parents expressed their desire to visit temples, we accompany them, whether or not we pray, they are happy.

As I moved out for work, away from parents,I met numerous people of different religion but never once disrespected their faith. If they ever tried to enlighten me on God/religion, I politely declined. Many of them are still my friends, they know me, my thoughts about God, but that does not make me any less of their friend.

Be religious, why shove your ideas about it into somebody else’s throat? Be an atheist, but why disrespect someone who believes in God. It is just the way of living, and in the end only being a good Human matters.